Graham Teeple, Fashion Writer

Graham Teeple

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Cut-Offs, Done Right

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There are only a few places where you can pull off the I-used-safety-scissors-to-make-these-old-jeans-into-shorts look. Mowing the lawn comes to mind. OK, fine. Maybe you could also pull the look off while sitting in the park or at the beach with your friends. Otherwise, keep the knee-fringe in the closet. Let’s stay with this cut-off idea, [...]

Indigo, Naturally

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  We are loving Metsa‘s new summer 2011 collection. Laid back summer fashion needs no frills. With minimalist design, it’s all in the details: high-quality linen and light cotton, handcrafted buttons and natural dyes. Markus Uran, the creator behind the label, uses indigo to dye the striped short sleeve. The resulting blue is deeper and [...]

It’s Cool to be a Muttonhead

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  Hey, guys! It’s summer. Time to let go and act a fool. One rule: do it in style. The team behind Muttonhead Collective has effortlessly bridged the gap between unique, sustainable fashion and classic sportswear design. Muttonhead’s collection is manufactured in Canada and uses locally sourced, natural and recycled fibres. We love their range [...]