Cat Eyeliner

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Artist : Sophie Hsin is an experienced makeup and hair artist from Toronto. She has been working on top models, actors and singers for over 10 years. Sophie loves to live life with the environment in mind. She is conscious of the little things, like composting, recycling and carrying reusable bags.

Here are Sophie’s tips for achieving the cat eyeliner look:

#1. With a steady hand and eyes open, start from the inner corner of your eye, and draw a line close to the lash line. Keep the liner thinner in the beginning, and gradually make it thicker as you reach the outer corner.

#2. For a more subtle cat eye, extend the liner line to half the width of your pinky finger. For more drama, extend the line to the full width of your pinky finger. At either length, make sure you add a small upward curve to the end.

Sophie’s favourite products she used on Tia include : Vapour Organics Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation (shade S110), Vapour Organics lipstick in Desire + yaby cosmetics blush


beauty photography: Carlyle Routh [] | hair+makeup artist: Sophie Hsin of Plutino Group | model: Tia of Next Models | behind the scenes photography: Jeffrey Chan []