From Scratch shows how easy it is to make delicious and healthy foods at home… from scratch.

Granola Bars

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These granola bars, a family favorite, mimic the well-known Larabar food bar. The sweetness comes solely from the dates, and they are packed with nut and seed proteins, essential fatty acids and lots of flavour.

Extracts, From Scratch

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This method teaches how to make alcohol extracts using herbs, skins, peels, barks and pods.

The Art of Making Cheese

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Here is a recipe for a basic yogurt cheese, also known as labneh. It has a lot of healthy, beneficial bacteria in it, and, being yogurt, it is perfect for those who are lactose intolerant.

Butter Culture

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If you make butter from scratch starting with a good organic cream, you are guaranteed to get better-quality butter than grocery store brands.

Kefir :: Something Old, Something New

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Last year, I stumbled upon some kefir grains and started to explore the traditional healing food. Kefir, the oldest form of cultured milk, was discovered by shepherds in the Caucasian Mountains. Today, it is known for its drinkable, yogurt-like quality and slightly sour and effervescent taste, and it can be found in most yogurt aisles.

Add Some Heat

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Some like it hot. By adding heat to season your foods, you can boost flavour without using creams, butter or oils. Experimenting with a variety of hot peppers and sauces really can add more spice to your life.

Granola Goodness

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Granola is a food, but it is also used as an adjective to describe people who, some might say, are a bit like me. Someone who tends to be environmentally conscious, organic, open minded and liberal leaning, and, at times, who may even be seen sporting Birkenstocks. In fact, it wasn’t until I started making [...]

Perogie Night

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Until another mom got me thinking, it had never occurred to me to make perogies from scratch. I had always found store-bought, traditional potato and cheese perogies to be too heavy for personal consumption. But, kids love them, so it is not uncommon for many parents to find a frozen bag of grocery store perogies [...]

Yogurt At Home

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Some women read romance novels. I read cookbooks. They are scattered in piles all over my house, with fluorescent-coloured sticky notes marked as must try recipes. There is one particular book that has heavily influenced the way I approach food: The Professional Pastry Chef  by Bo Friberg. His recipe for yogurt is fantastic and inspirational. [...]