FYI is a monthly column that explores creative and innovative ideas in urban sustainability and eco-conscious city living.

Noise Pollution

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While many of us love the sounds of the city, too much noise can be distracting and annoying. Trucks, airplanes, sirens, leaf blowers and landscaping can stress us out.

So What is A Community Garden, Anyway?

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Community gardens come in all shapes and sizes, and pop up within diverse groups of people in all sorts of spaces. Community members often take over and clean up vacant lots to transform wasted, neglected urban spaces into dynamic centers of activity and sharing.

City Rankings

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What makes a city sustainable? Are some cities greener or more equitable than others? Urban sustainability ranking systems take a look at cities from a bird’s eye view and try to capture the larger picture.

Sustainable Yoga, Sustainable Communities

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Through greater awareness and connection, yoga can empower individuals, and ultimately communities, to learn, discuss and engage in positive change.

What’s the Deal with Carbon Offsets?

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We all do our best to limit the carbon dioxide or greenhouse gas emissions in our daily lives. Many people make New Year’s resolutions to drive less, fly less, walk and bike more, or buy local and green. Still, all of us will inevitably create some emissions and want to do something to counteract our [...]

Reimagining Urban Spaces

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City dwellers everywhere are spotting underused spaces in the urban fabric and turning them into places to enjoy and connect. Improving these spaces makes walking, biking, and exploring the city easier and safer. Examples of imaginative redesigns are springing up from Toronto to Los Angeles: public spaces are emerging from abandoned railway lines, parking spaces, [...]

Light Pollution & Night Sky Friendly Alternatives

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A truly simple solution (and one you’ve probably never heard of), full cutoff luminaries help protect our urban night skies, save energy and improve our health. “If we would only use the light we need, we could reduce consumption by 40 percent overnight,” says Bob Parks, Executive Director of the International Dark Sky Association (IDA). [...]

Bike Sharing

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Have you ever taken a car just to avoid the walk to or from a transit station because it’s just a little too far? The solution may be bike sharing, an exciting new way for the urban commuter to get around. The benefits are clear: it’s healthy, fun and convenient, and biking creates zero carbon [...]