In Conversation with Lindsay Coulter, Queen of Green

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To many, David Suzuki is to Canadians as Al Gore is to Americans. An award-winning scientist, environmentalist and broadcaster, David is one of the foremost authorities on sustainable ecology the world over.David’s right-hand lady, and proclaimed “Queen of Green” for the David Suzuki Foundation, is Lindsay Coulter.Ever since her own environmentally friendly weddingin 2006, Lindsay has been regularly providing media commentary on everyday, green living. Prior to joining the David Suzuki Foundation, she collected data in the boreal forest, spent time as a park interpreter, and worked in private land stewardship in Alberta’s grasslands. Crafty in the kitchen, she runs a small business of homemade cleaning products and safe cosmetics.Bamboo is a big believer in the whole teach-don’t-preachmentality. We love Lindsay’s message because she talks health, beauty and home in ways that are easy to understand and even easier to achieve.Lindsay chatted with us about the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and the Dirty Dozen. For all of you beauty mavens out there, she pointed out the two biggies to avoid: fragrance and parabens. Lindsay even revealed her some of her own secret recipes and beauty remedies, such as apple cider vinegar for restoring the pH balance of the scalp, and baking soda for removing hair build up (we tested out her baking soda recipeand could not believe how fresh our locks looked).Of course, we had to get some dirt on Lindsay’s favorite eco celebrities. Turns out, she loves everyday people, like you and I. Lindsay believes that everybody can make a difference, not just superstars.

Get out your pad and paper, and jot down Lindsay’s tips in the interview below.

(note: Skype interview; low video quality)