Rash Decision

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Bambini is an ongoing column that features Bamboo’s favourite eco parenting ideas and products, for children of all ages.

Despite what the execs behind diapers and baby wipe commercials would have us believe, baby bottoms aren’t always happy places. In fact, since many babies’ tushies are prone to rashes, bumps, inflamed blisters and bleeding patches, they‘re often the opposite.

The fix: California Baby Calendula Cream. This rich, hydrating cream is ideal for preventing and treating diaper rash. It uses natural calendula to soothe, without stinging sensitive baby bottoms. It’s also a go-to treatment for cradle cap, eczema, dry skin, cuts and scrapes.

And this organic, hypoallergenic cream is not just for babies—it also works wonders as a rich facial moisturizer for moms, dad and siblings of all ages.