The Mastermind Behind the Matter

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Denise Williams is the mastermind behind Matter Company. She has created beautiful skin and body care products for every member of the family. From sunscreen and soap to baby balm and nipple cream, Matter Company will meet (and exceed) your skin care needs. Bamboo spoke with Denise, and it was clear that the philosophy and heart behind her products is steadily guided.

Bamboo Magazine:
Your journey to creating Matter Company began by studying environment studies in school, and you then went onto becoming a certified Therapeutic Herbalist. How did those backgrounds prepare and encourage you to start Matter Company?

Denise Williams: My education in these areas helped to set the ethical and philosophical foundation of this company. There are two related principles from my studies that have had a particularly influential impact on Matter Company. The first, James Lovelock’s Gaia Principle, views the earth as a living organism and recognizes the inter-connectedness of all living things. Similarly, the principle of Holism in Therapeutic Herbalism uses an approach to healing that considers all aspects of human health: the physical, mental, social and spiritual. From our packaging choices to the ingredients we use in our products, we try as much as possible to use these principles as guidelines for our company.

BM: Balance seems to be an important concept in each Matter Collection. How do you create balance in your own life?
DW: As an entrepreneur, you tend to take your work home with you. Even if it is not in the literal sense, my business is always on my mind. I have often found myself waking up in the middle of the night thinking of my next day’s to-do list. Hence, for me, balance becomes a part of the ebb and flow of daily life. I focus on incorporating practices that place priorities on my personal well-being and nurturing relationships with family and friends. It’s important for me to not be completely identified by my business.